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Letters from my wonderful clients:

Hi Rusty:
Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding video!!!
You were the only wedding vendor we didn’t conduct an interview before signing the contract. By just looking at the movies you’ve made, we knew right away you are someone who is dedicated to making the very best possible video. Tonight, after watching our own wedding movie, we were absolutely amazed by how talented you are. We loved every single minute of the movie. No one could ask for the degree of professionalism and dedication that you exhibited in developing a wedding video within such a short period of time - less than two weeks. With your style of editing, selection of music, and attention to details, you made the beautiful memories of our wedding alive and life long. Your video captured all the excitement and emotions of one of our most important days. It is such a pleasure to work with you - we dearly appreciate your prompt communication efforts and speedy delivery of the videos.
We are truly thankful for having you on our wedding day and will be sure to share your name with others.
Tina and Wayne wish you the best.

Dear Rusty.
We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful job you did in capturing our wedding day. The video turned out incredible. You captured all the happiness, excitement, and details perfectly, and we have loved getting to go back and watch the day over again. We really appreciate all the hard work you put into making it so perfect and getting it to us so quickly. Your professionalism, communication, and service are exceptional, and we loved getting to work with you! We will be quick to recommend you to others in the future. Thank you again for helping to make our day so amazing! Sincerely, Jessica and Ryan

We loved the "highlights" and can't wait to see the DVD's. You did an awesome job. BTW - I've talked to so many people after the wedding who didn't even know you were there. Somehow you managed to stay in the background but captured all the highlights without any problem. We are so happy that we had you there. I'll be sure to share your name with others.

Rusty, thank you for doing such a fantastic job on our wedding video. We received the DVDs today and are both blown away by the quality and your attention to detail. We are so happy you were able to capture the best day of our lives.

Hi Rusty,
I just wanted to tell you how much we love our wedding video! You did such a great job! I keep wanting to watch it over and over. Thank you for everything!! Laura & Tom

Hi Rusty,
We hope this finds you well!! We wanted to let you know that we received the video you created from our wedding and we absolutely love it!!! You did an amazing job and we can't thank you enough!! You captured every special moment and the music flowed perfectly!! Your the Best!!
Tara and Matt

Mike and I want to express our sincere thanks for the outstanding job you did covering Jenny and Fremiet's wedding and reception. You are a gifted videographer, and I can't say enough good things about your technical skills, your artistic interpretation, and your customer service. - Brenda (Mother of the Bride)

Rusty did a fantastic job on my wedding video!! He was very professional and he blended in so well that most of the time I didn't even notice he was there at my wedding. I received the discs about a week after my wedding (wow fast!!!) and the video was so wonderful. I'm so glad that I have this to share with family members that couldn't be present at my wedding. Thank you so much Rusty!! Alison and Jose

Rusty only one word can describe the video....AWESOME! There was so much I missed being said at the Ceremony due to nerves that it was great to see it all again in its entirety. I can't wait for Evan and Allison to see it! So glad we did the Highlights video too! Now we have an excuse to get that Blu-ray Jeff wanted me to tell you that whenever the girls were little and video cameras first came out, he would always add the words at the end: Produced by Bry-vision.....he said that would work for you too! LOL Thanks again for an outstanding job on the video and you can be sure we will tell everyone we know who needs video services to give you a call...Teresa

Richard and I just watched the video last night and we absolutely love it! We were impressed with how you were able to get different angles during the ceremony and cut it so that the audio was flawless. It was also extremely clear and the colors were so vibrant! It was so much fun to reminisce that day. Thank you so much for documenting it so perfectly. I will recommend you to everyone I know. - Tara

Thank you so much for getting the DVDs to us so quickly. The video is amazing, we are so pleased, you did such a wonderful job. I cannot thank you enough! I will definitely be passing your name along to everyone I know with a glowing recommendation. Thanks again Rusty!-Katie

Rusty! OMG! Our wedding video is amazing. We've watched it at least 10 times already. Thank you for always being so wonderful to work with and for capturing all of the special moments of our wedding that we will have forever. Always, Mica & Daniel

I can not start expressing how happy I was with my video. Thank you so much for doing an AWESOME job. We absolutely loved it. I can't stop watching it. Thank you once again. Ariana

Hi Rusty, I got the wedding video last night. It's absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much for capturing our BIG day. You got everything I wanted and more! Thanks so much, Jill

Hi Rusty, The feedback on the videos is all very good! The highlight video brings tears to viewers' eyes and they love it. Jaime & I think you did a great job and I wanted to say how great you were to work with. I feel like you delivered what you said you would, in a timely, professional manner and I would recommend you to anyone who asked! Thanks for recording our wonderful memories in such a happy and memorable way. Peg

Hi Rusty, We got the Wedding videos today and they are amazing!!!!!! OMG, OMG,OMG, you did a great great great videos.....The honeymooners are still gone, but will be thrilled to come back to see the videos!!!!! Thank you for capturing so many wonderful memories!!!!! Thank you again, Julie

I've been meaning to email you back to say thank you! We loved the video! I will definitely refer you to anyone I know that could use your services. Warmest regards, Melanie

Hey Rusty,
Just wanted to take this moment to thank you for a wonderful video! I already knew you were going to do an excellent job, but after watching it (Amy and I watched it a few times already) I am just amazed. Thank you again for everything!

We are so sorry that we are so late with this note of thanks. You did an incredible job with the video of Sara and Braxton's wedding. The video was everything we hoped for and more - it was very natural and you captured so many heart-felt and touching memories of that special day. You have a wonderful gift and we appreciate your efforts to make everything so special. Thanks again and please feel free to use for anyone who needs a reference. - David & Maggie (Dad & Mom), Braxton & Sara (Groom & Bride)

I just want to tell you what an amazing job you did! Everyone has said what an awesome video it is! I cry every time I watch it. I can't believe you captured everything you did especially when I only saw you twice the whole night. One would think there were many people recording. Your work is absolutely amazing and you can see how much you love your job in your work. It's was very exciting receiving it in the mail so quickly and everyone is amazed at how fast we received it. The packaging is so nice and great to give to our parents. I can't wait to recommend you to every bride I meet! Thanks again for your hard work!
- Kristen and Rob

Hi Rusty,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the wedding videos yesterday and.....I loved it!! You did an amazing job, it was perfect and so fun to watch because there was a lot that I didn't even remember! Thank you so much for all of your hard work in putting it together, we truly appreciate it! Thank you :)
God Bless

We got the video last night and watched it immediately with my family..... your work is simply AMAZING and we couldn't be happier!! You captured every moment that was important to us and even some moments that we didn't even realize had happened! I didn't realize you had that many different angles of the ceremony and reception- that was a nice surprise. It was so great to re-live the best day of our lives all over again, and we can't wait to share the video with our children someday so they can see what our wedding day was like. The additional highlights video was incredible- it accented just enough and the transition from black and white to color was a nice touch! We can't thank you enough- I will recommend you to everyone I know!
Sincerely- Amy

Hi Rusty,
We received the video last weekend and absolutely LOVE it! Friends and family have been raving about the highlights video on your website. So many people (who attended and didn't attend) have mentioned how beautiful it was and that it even brought tears to their eyes. You did an amazing job capturing all the emotions of that day-- excitement, fun, love, and happiness. The choice of music was perfect and flowed smoothly throughout the video. Anyone could have "videotaped" our wedding, but you added an element that made it so much more than that. The special effects such as focusing on the colors of my traditional Korean dress and the Majestic Metro sign were perfect! It gave it that magical, fairy tale feel to it. Not only was the video great, but your professionalism and speediness in completing the video are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for everything. We will enjoy our wedding video for many, many years to come! Jenn and Jimmy :)

We received the package of wedding videos on Friday night, and everything is wonderful. The tin-case packaging is so attractive and classy. The video is great. Thank you for including so much of the Mass. That means a lot to us to have all of the readings, prayers and the homily captured for posterity. And the reception footage is so much fun. We especially liked the bit at the end where the other colors fade into black and white while Jenny's red dress remains the sole spot of vibrant color on the screen! Again, thanks so much for being so easy to work with and so fast in delivering the video. We really appreciate that given how busy the run up to the wedding was and how much more stuff there was to do post wedding as we settled into a new place. If any one asks, we will definitely recommend you as a videographer. Cheers, Jim and Jenny

Hi Rusty-
I have to thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on our wedding video. Michael and I saw it last night and LOVED it!! You captured so many of the most poignant moments, and it is hard to believe that one person could have caught so many great shots at so many angles. We loved the background music too- right out from our favorite songs from the wedding ceremony and reception. The editing was done very well, and the quick turnaround on the DVD is phenomenal given the quality. Your work is first rate, and I couldn't be more happy with the overall result. We are getting great positive feedback on the highlights video from our friends and family. Most compliment what a beautiful wedding it was, and I thank you for capturing the emotions as well as the milestones. I look forward to recommending you to every bride planning her special day! Warm regards, Debbie

We just wanted to write you a quick follow up-thank you email to let you know that our wedding video came out BEAUTIFUL!!! All of our family and friends enjoyed every second of it, and those that weren't able to attend felt as if they were there by merely watching the highlights clip in which you provided us for family and friends. Your work is amazing and we will be certain to recommend you to all of those that we know who will be getting married in the future and we might even force some of our friends to get married just so that they can book/work with you!!! Words really can't express how grateful we are that you were able to provide us a lifetime of memories at the click of a play button, and we surely can't praise you enough, but thank you from the both of us. We wish you the best of luck in your current craft and future endeavors and hope you have a successful 2009 and many many more...Sincerely, Rosario and Quan

We have received the video and we could not be more pleased. AWESOME job. You have a lot of talent. Thanks, Keith

Hey Rusty,
If you couldn't tell by the subject of this email: WE LOVE OUR VIDEO!!!!!'s so perfect. It was some of the best money spent on a day that we will never forget thanks to your work!
I love the music, and the transitions, the fade from black and white to color, and the snapshot of our first kiss at the end of the's MAGICAL. Just like the night was for us.
I am sure lots of potential customers will be admiring it as I've posted the link to the highlights video all over my Facebook profile : )
Thank you so much, Rusty. We will treasure it forever. Nikki & Jeremy did a great job!! Highly recommended!

Hi Rusty! Just wanted to let you know our daughter and son-in-law (Jennifer and Chris) received the finished wedding DVDs this past weekend. As Jennifer put it, Rusty made a "kick-ass" video. I have not seen the full video yet, but look forward to seeing it when they bring us a copy in two weeks. I have seen the highlight video on your website and thoroughly loved it. Thanks again. -Debbie

Hi Rusty,
Just wanted to let you know that the video is beautiful. You did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for capturing so much of the wedding and reception. As a mom, it was so nice to be able to go back and watch the entire event to see what I missed. It is the best money I have ever spent. If I could go back and have a videographer for my son's wedding (which was last year also), I would have had you do their event as well. Not only will this video provide a lifetime of memories for us, it also provides a visual of what I spent all of that money for. You did a fabulous job! Thanks again. Gwyn (Mother of the Bride)

We just finished watching the video. Danielle wouldn't let me open it yesterday when we received it. David and I had to wait till her and Chris could come over tonight. The video was truly amazing. You did an absolutely incredible job. You had Danielle and David crying throughout it. Chris and I got a little teary eyed as well. Words can't describe how beautiful and elegant you made the evening. You captured so many wonderful moments and we will be able to view them for a lifetime.

Can't wait to share the video and highlights with family and friends. Judy (Mother of the Bride)

Just wanted to Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our Wedding Video :) You are the best!! :) Raquel & Michael

Hi Rusty,
Stephen and Gulya finally remembered to bring us a DVD of the wedding, so I just saw it! It's great and I wanted to thank you so did a great job! Thanks too for taking the extra time and effort to make sure Gulya's parents would able to view it (in Russia). From what I hear, her mother plays it over and over. Thanks again, Mother of the Groom

Got our dvd’s today, awesome, best money spent!! - Mother of the Bride

We have received the videos and want you to know you did an incredible job of capturing the spirit and joy of our wedding! Everyone who has seen the Highlights or watched the full video commented how wonderful it was. We will definitely refer people to you! Thanks so much for making a lasting memory for my wife and I! - Bride & Groom

Rusty, I want to thank you so much for your wonderful work! How fortunate we were to find you! The video of [bride] and [groom's] wedding is amazing and has given us a priceless memory to keep forever. You did an excellent job of capturing all the moments and emotions of the day. Your presence at the wedding was so discrete that I have even had people say they did not realize we had a videographer there! We appreciate your professional and highly artistic work and the excellent communication and service you have given us both before and after our event!

Without any hesitation, I will enthusiastically recommend you to everyone I can. Thank you again for a beautiful product. As I tell everyone, as I watch the video over and over again, it is now my new “favorite movie”! Best wishes and continued success! - Mother & Father of Bride

Rusty- Thank you so much for our breathtaking wedding video. You are an amazing artist, and your artwork is absolutely impeccable. We are truly appreciative. Thank you!- Bride & Groom

It is amazing, we love it! We've probably watched the highlights 10 times! Thank you so much!!!! - Bride & Groom

Dear Rusty,
We received Nicole & Jason's DVD and have watched it over and over. What an awesome job!! Your editing was fabulous. The way you synchronize the lyrics with pictures is incredible. The pictures on the disk and the case were a very nice touch. You definitely captured a moment in time that we will treasure forever. Thank you so much for your professionalism! We will be sure to recommend you. - Mother & Father of Bride

UPDATE: Nicole went back to California this morning. She called a little while ago to tell us that she and Jason were watching the DVD. Her exact words were " this is going to take us all night to watch, we have to keep pausing it because we are bawling our eyes's awesome!!" It sounds like they are enjoying it as much as Bob and I did. Thanks again - Mother & Father of Bride

Hi Russell,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the videos. I absolutely love them!!!! You did a wonderful job! Everyone that has watched it only says good things. You got so many things that I didn't even remember. You also got a lot of things that the photographers didn't get. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you again! Have a nice day. From a very happy customer...

Rusty, Oh my Gosh, I can not even begin to tell you how happy we are about the video. You are awesome, the video, especially the highlights were awesome. It was well worth the wait! Thank you so very much for capturing the day so well. Everyone who sees the highlights online think you did a great job. Thank you, Thank you...

Hi Rusty! The video is wonderful! Everyone loves it! Thank you very much, and we greatly appreciate it! We'll be happy to recommend you to all of our friends and family that are getting married! Thanks again!

Rusty, thank you so much! What a treat to be able to relive Kathy and Ken's wedding day. The video is awesome - the style, the music. You put everything together beautifully. We are so pleased with your work and can't wait to share it with family and friends. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and we will certainly recommend Russell Bryce Films to others. Thanks again.

We received the wedding video yesterday, thank you! We absolutely love it!!!! You did an awesome job. The video really exceeded our expectations. We can't wait for friends and family to see it. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again!

WE LOVE IT!!!! WE STAYED UP LAST NIGHT UNTIL 1 WATCHING IT! Thank you so much for doing such a great job. No one even remembers seeing you and yet you seemed to capture every moment flawlessly.

Hi Rusty, we got the video and immediately watched it together. It was wonderful and well worth the wait. I can't wait to send it to my mom and have all our friends see it. It was such a beautiful day and you captured it exactly and this allows us to remember that day in its complete wonder. It is something my husband and myself as well as our family, friends, and our future children will treasure forever. The extra honeymoon pics were a awesome added touch. THANK YOU! Sincerely....

I watched the video on Sunday (twice, actually) and absolutely loved it!! The video is so great... my parents kept commenting on how amazed they were because nobody remembers even seeing you that day. You got every detail I was hoping to see... the flower girl dumping the extra petals at the end of the aisle, the sword arch, etc. You didn't miss a thing! Thank you so much!!

Rusty, we watched the video about 4 times yesterday and wouldn't change a single thing. You exceeded our expectations and we are so glad we chose you to be a part of our big day. We really love the fact that everything is on one DVD and so well organized. Thank you so much for a wonderful job...

I received the videos today and my parents watched them. They wanted me to let you know that they were wonderful, you got shots that the photographer didn’t get—as a matter of fact you were way better than the photographer! You did an excellent job and you deserve a ton of praise. Thank you...

Rusty, I wanted to thank you so much for our wedding videos. It was incredibly nice of you to drop them off to us on your way to dinner!! We sat and watched the video and just cried and cried - oh the memories!! *smile* We were very impressed with your work and in fact I was surprised that I really didn't remember seeing you that much that day!! I know I was distracted but I think it just adds to your professionalism, that you were so unobtrusive! The only thing I think I would have wished for is close-ups of Alex's face during the ceremony, but I like the wide-angled shots of the ceremony just fine. The music was wonderful, the dvd cover and dvd was so elegant... everything was just perfect! I really can't say enough kind things about you or your work, or adequately put into words how excited I am to have this video, that I can look back on for years to come and re-live such an important day! Thanks again!

We love the video. You did an awesome job. thanks so much!

Before I met you, I was so set on not getting a video because I thought that no one really looks at their wedding video. They may view it once or twice and that's it. So I figured it was a waste of money. However, the way you set it up, it's like an old movie that you want to see again and again. It's just wonderful!!

Rusty, we can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did with our wedding video! Sincerely....

Rusty, I am literally speechless!!! I've been out of town the last 4 days, so I'm just getting to watch the DVD for the first time. It is magnificent!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You did a masterful job. Thank you... (Video of client proposing to girlfriend.)

We were very pleased with the wedding video! The music, timing, editing, and shots were fantastic! I would be happy to be a reference for you if you need one for future brides. I hope you have as much fun at your wedding as (husband) and I had at ours! Thanks again.

I absolutely loved it! You did a great job!

The video is great! You did a very professional job, and we will be happy to recommend you. Thanks for working with us. (M.O.B.)

We had a wonderful night out for my birthday and came home to settle down and watch our wedding video. I want to thank you because we were completely and utterly amazed at what a wonderful job that you did. You captured every moment that we could have hoped for, played the perfect songs, and had me completely in tears and ... with a lump in his throat before we even made it through the rehearsal. You are truly talented at what you do and have a knack for capturing the "essence" of a wedding. We will be forever grateful that you managed to capture what was important to us in a timeless video. Thanks again.

 Hi you guys... here is my testimony... if you would somehow put it on your website, I would appreciate it.
 It almost didn’t happen. I almost made the biggest mistake in my wedding plans when I procrastinated and did not book Rusty immediately. Rusty worked something out and amazingly committed their services to my day. Everything worked out on the day I got married, except at the end of the night I didn’t remember much because it was all going so fast. I really didn’t get a chance to take it all in. We were anxious to get the video just to see the basics like family and friends and of course my husband and I. What Rusty delivered was anything but basic. I am speechless! When we received our DVD, just the outside cover blew me away and brought smiles to our face. Then we started the DVD not knowing that by the end we would both be holding hands and crying because what we just saw was astonishing as it brought back our day in such a magical and fairy tale like way. Wow! It wasn’t just a video of our wedding, how he presented it was magical. It was art! They captured the most precious moments, almost like I was filming because everything that was captured was everything I would of wanted to capture. I could go on and on about how wonderful they did capturing every detail. They went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. No amount of money would ever be enough to give you for what you have given to us. We relived our dream. All I can say is that my husband and I are amazed and still puzzled on how they put it together. I would highly recommend anyone to Rusty. Thank you so much for giving our day extraordinary attention and in my heart it couldn’t be anything less than PERFECT! Thank you is not enough for what Rusty has given to my husband and I.

Hey Rusty,
Thanks for dropping the videos off on Sunday.
We watched it right away and are so blown away by the great job you guys did.
It is so obvious of all the work, time and effort you must have put into it, and we feel like you owe you so much more.
We are going to promote you guys whenever we can.
... We can't imagine anyone doing a better job !
So thanks again from the bottom of our hearts for the outstanding job and all your time and efforts.
Wish you all the future success in the world.

We just got back in town and had a chance to watch the videos...they are incredible!! You did such an amazing job. Thanks so much! I can't wait to show our parents...Thank you again for all of your fabulous work. I will recommend you highly to all of my friends...I love the video!!

Thank you so much for the video. We love it!!

Rusty, WOW!
We are SO pleased with our wedding video - Thank You Thank You!
As hectic as the evening was you captured all our key moments. I would like to extend a special "thank you" for including the wonderful...footage......that was a nice touch and it meant a lot to me. You did an awesome job & I will "willingly" give you any referrals I can. We will treasure our video for many years to come - Thanks again...

...he made a video of my daughter which turned out MORE than fantastic! I was very impressed….

...I can attest to his skills from all the videos he has made for us over the years…who knew...videos could be put to music and made to so look eloquent....he is offering a nice discount to anyone who books with him. If you are planning a special event and want to have it video’d please check out this website and call Rusty if you have questions...